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Title: Libertine
Artist: Sam Freek
Limited Edition: Limited to 250
Artist Description: This captivating, expressive piece of abstract art is made up of an array of warm and vivacious hues of orange, red, yellow, grey, black and white. As I gaze at this artwork it reminds me of sitting in a hotel room in the city and looking out through the window filled with streaming rain and how this weathered spectacle fractures the enchanting luminescence that bounces off the shadows of the hustle and bustle of urban life as day turns into night. This imaginary perception leaves me with a warm, uplifting feeling that that comes from the engaging energy that you find within the heart of city life.
Product Description: Giclee printed onto high quality cotton canvas (400gsm) before being hand mounted and wrapped around 1.5 inch stretcher bars. A fine layer of varnish is also applied to the canvas art print which helps to protect and also enhances the colours in the artwork.
Delivery: Your wall art will be dispatched within 5 - 7 working days.
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