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    The Bus Journey
  by Sam Freek

30p for a cuppa tea is not bad
Limo drives into the shallow pool
I feel sorry for the cat
Abrasive rhythms touch the senses
This is how the summer starts

Amber light and I salute the window
Aunt Alma has been left on the shelf
There's a long trail behind him
I woke up at 7 this morning
Why didn't I just stay up

Paid to cruise around parked cars
Saturday night wear for Monday morning
Where does the broken arm fit in
There's nobody on that bus
Recovery after 24 hours

Cemented into this futile place
When was Claire's birthday party?
You were too stressed and let the cat out
It was a good doo, the full Monty
Culpableness is heard in your alibi

I've just seen a milkman
Filthy 50, filthy 50, filthy 50
Have I told you how near we are
Theme tune to 70s TV show causes concern
Take me below the red line

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surreal poetry
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  Updated - 14th January 2021        
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