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    Got a two minute candy crush on you
  by Sam Freek

The mystery of life is about to expire
Blinkered creative keepers show little vision
Got a two minute candy crush on you

Spoon fed and on lockdown
Large red ears brings about mania
You call this progress

Knock, knock, your roof needs fixing
Cheeks bounce off the floor with the rubber legs
How did you get to know my number

Everyone points their finger at America
Too busy recording life to experience it
Do not share my data with my puppet-master

I pretend to play my ukulele along to the stones
There isn't enough of Anne Robinson on TV
I found the Friday feeling in an empty bottle of Tabasco

What is the big prize today?
The house is falling apart at the seems
A cross section came into town

Stand still with bent shapes of the mouth
This is an unusual understatement
My final resting place that nobody sees

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surreal poetry
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  Updated - 14th January 2021        
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