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Eco Promise

What is the Eco Promise?
We're stepping it up a gear as the planet now more than ever needs our help, so from now on when you purchase a canvas wall art we promise to buy a tree from the
Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust. Helping save the planet and creating habitats for wildlife one tree at a time in the beautiful setting of the Yorkshire Dales. To date the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust has planted 457,910 native trees and hedgerow species. We would like to help them get the figure up to 1,000,000.

Our Quick Visit To The Yorkshire Dales?
Below is a video of our quick visit to the Yorkshire Dales to see where some of the trees we buy are planted. Our most recent trees bought are native broadleaf trees that have been planted in Woodale Woods, Scar House Reservoir on High Woodale Farm, Upper Nidderdale.



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