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    Shiggled With A Wiggle
  by Sam Freek

This is clearly not the time nor the place
I fastened my seat belt up as my umbra was overwhelming me
I declared never to leave the cold water tap running again
The worm hotel held all the wrong answers in the lobby
People help you on their terms or you become an inconvenience said the no mark
Slid sideways into the buildings where rules were made
Thought a cross on a piece of paper would make a difference
Found a safe place and shiggled with a wiggle
An annoying squeak came from an out of date trifle
Over to the right my face grew tired and produced a stop sign from the left ear
Nobody moved for 17 seconds
I had collected clouds since I was 15 years old
A man moaned a lot about his fake illness
All the fun of the fair was painted dark purple
As I searched you appeared but I needed silence
Trailing sparkling patterns fill my view
It's never the same said Mark
Not comfortable I iron out the creases in my forehead
The cranium oil spill arrived by boat
I've never heard that song before
I repeat
I've never
I forget
In between reality and la la land is a place called uncertainty with 200 million inhabitants
I ran down the hill until I ran out of hill
I found it later
Then lost it

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surreal poetry
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