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    The Chimp Chair
  by Sam Freek

The reaction time came from the downtime of the pitted mange tout
Peep peep mother fucker
Out of my arena
There were clues strewn around in pink bloom
We were required to walk in single file
Left, right, right, left
The sun came up
I needed a tan but was prompted to let the workflow run its course
I counted the lines under my eyes and it came to 7
Little could escape the sound of the morning band
Both ears hit the ground as a friend brought the care bear attitude on a gold rimmed plate


Somebody threw a cactus and it silently swayed on the back of my head for 9 months
Downtime came with a nourish pitter-patter of founders
Generally speaking mazel tov but the chair began to sound like a chimp
Nuns on BMX's rode along trip wires and became vexed with the blaspheming whale that echoed her resentment of the plastic bags that
had become part of her daily diet
It took a lot longer than expected as things we had taken for granted began to fade into the distance
I tried to grow mushrooms in the garage
I ate what grew but I began a new journey with an extra brain that I named Cecil
The beat was to be the same for the next 12 weeks or so but the rhythm section left in a strop
I rose to occasion but did so much my thoughts swam in the white fluffy clouds of Kentucky

Down boy!
Outdated, the bus travelled all day with cardboard cutouts of happy travellers to lift the mood

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surreal poetry
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